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"Compelling entertainment with fiery thoughtfulness."— ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Top 10 Best Fiction '05"Ex Machina is half X-Files, half West Wing and 100% genius."—PUBLISHERS WEEKLYThe world's lone superhero, known as the Great Machine, officiallyretired from crime fighting in June, 2001…in order to run for the office of Mayor of New York City. In the Eisner Award-winning Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days , the Great Machine, who has the ability to "talk" to electrical devices (from his office computer to the New York power grid), assumes public office, struggles to balance the budget, and settles a first amendment dispute at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.EX MACHINA is far from a traditional "cape and tights" adventure story. It is: a sophisticated superhero story for readers who are skeptical of anyone who can jump over a building in a single bound; a science fiction story for readers who are weary of gadgets and gizmos overwhelming character development; a New York story for anyone who thinks all the great New York stories have been told; and most of all, it is a story that will fascinate, stimulate, surprise, and shock its readers.